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Pray for more grace and protection of our missionaries. picture

Do you have the grace to go on foot for miles in search of lost souls into the hinterlands? Then this is an opportunity for you, contact us and you w…

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Evangelism mandate. picture

Some can go but they have no support, others cannot go but they can support. You support prayerfully and financial can be of much value to us.

Catching the children young. picture

Catching the children young is one of our priorities. Thank God for these Children Sunday school teachers. Our Sunday school children need a building and chairs.

First Sunday service of the year at Liberation Power Chapel. picture

We are grateful to you Lord, for the increase.

Targeted area for evangelism. picture

There are several of such villages that we targeted. This is one of the villages.

Church under a tree, God is everywhere indeed. picture

I just came across this photo yesterday. Holding church service under a very big there. God is everywhere indeed!

We are all involved picture

Every minute someone leaves the world to eternal life or eternal doom. Our work is to show the way to eternal life by spreading the good news. Pray with us.

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Calling for support picture

If you have the heart for soul winning especially into the remote areas and would like to support this Evangelistic Outreach, the MTN mobile money nu…

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IF YOU CAN'T GO 'PRAY'. picture

There is much to be done, what must be done must be done immediately!!!

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