What ever you have to do, do it now!!

I saw this and I think is good share with you.

A friend told me a story of how her mother called her around 10pm and asked her to quickly fry  eggs for her.

She said, she told her mother she was too tired and pleaded with her to allow her fry it in the morning.

The mother insisted on eating the egg that night but the lady prevailed and the mother kept quiet over the matter and went to sleep.  

Early the following morning, the lady went into the kitchen and fried few eggs, well garnished and with fresh fish.

She knocked her mother's door to serve her the scrambled egg; with hot tea. There was no answer.

She forcefully opened the door and woke the mother up to eat her egg, but the mother was dead !!!

She screamed !
She shook her !
She shouted, " Mummy!Mummy !, Stand up and eat your egg. I even made hot tea for you with it, mummy I am sorry," Hot tears rolled down her cheeks like a mighty torrential rain. It was too late !

Her mum was gone!   
She said, that scene of that night when her mum was practically begging her to fry egg for her, kept hunting her memory for a long time and she always felt she was the cause of her mother's death.

If she had known that, that would be the last meal her mum would asked for and ate from her, she would  never have delayed in frying it for her that night !

Friends, what "eggs" are you asked to fry and you are saying you will "fry" them tomorrow ?.

Who do you need to call now, text now, chat with, or make  peace with and you are still saying, "No, I will do it tomorrow, next week, when he/she apologises first,etc?"

What if you wake up tomorrow and that person is gone ? Or what if you never woke up tomorrow ?

Is your spouse/love, dad, mum, partners, children, neighbours calling, calling you for help / forgiveness right now and you want to delay till tomorrow before "frying the egg" for him / her / them and you're still insisising that, "until the Lord comes?"

What if the opportunity never comes tomorrow?

Brothers and Sisters, gather yourself together;  whatever "eggs" you need to "fry" today, go ahead and "fry" them!

This time last year, no one ever thought that there would be a Covid-19 that would wipe up an entire generation, destroy, put economies on their knees and change the course of actions of individuals and nations.

Some people that we never thought would die in the next 20 years are gone; the mighty and powerful people, the rich and the ordinary. It is still going on and we pray that God forgives and heals the world.

We only have Now! Tomorrow may be too late!!!

Please "Fry the egg" now, for the evil of the day, is enough for the day.


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