Are you about giving up?

Are you about giving up? picture

Are you about giving up?

Are you about giving up? I don't know what you are doing and how far you have reached with whatever you are doing. Maybe you felt it won't work out and you are about to give up. Remember Peter's encounter with Jesus.

Peter had floated on the sea all through the night and still came out with weeds and rubbish. Me and you have had this experience times without number. Sometimes, it felt as if there is nothing else we can do about our hopeless situation, but when Jesus appears on the scene every hopeless situation comes alive.  (LUKE. 24:4-8)

When Jesus finished preaching, he asked Peter to lunch into the deep. Amidst complains and doubts, Peter said, though I toiled all through the night to no availed, but by your word I will go again.

The Bible says Peter got so much fish that he had to call others to come and help. Just a little gift and obedience can turn your situation around.

Don't give up, go into the deep with your service to God. Go into the deep with your obedience to the word of God. Go deep into giving to the poor and needy. Go deep into supporting the work of God. Go deep into prayer. Go deep into studying the Bible.

Go deep, Go deep, deep into all that the Bible teaches us to do and you will be singing a new song.

God richly bless you.

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